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OneDrop Menstrual Cup Cleanser

OneDrop Menstrual Cup Cleanser

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The perfect cleanser for silicone menstrual cups.

Designed to be portable, Asan’s one-drop menstrual cup cleanser is the safest way to wash and clean your menstrual cup. It has been formulated by scientists to gently sanitise your cup and is free from artificial fragrances and chemicals.

  • Free Shipping
  • Perfume-Free
  • Natural Ingredients
  • 1-for-1 Donations
  • 100% safety-tested
  • Perfume-free
  • Made with lavender extract
  • Highly portable design
  • Concentrate — Made to last longer
  • Recyclable bottle

How to use

Squeeze one drop of cleanser into your menstrual cup and dilute with clean water. Spread the liquid and wash menstrual cup thoroughly. Kills 99% of bacteria.

*Do not use for any purpose other than cleaning your menstrual cup*



Metro cities: 2-3 working days
Rest of India: 3-7 working days

Please note times can vary.

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  • Rachana, 35

    "Using the cleanser with my cup has made the cleaning process so easy and smooth for me. I love that it makes my cup feel new any shiny every time I use it. Highly recommend this product!"

  • Nidhi, 27

    "I ordered the cleanser along with an Asan cup and that's made washing/rinsing my cup when I'm outside really easy, and I feel extra safe and clean just knowing that I've used it."

  • Kaashvi, 17

    "This cleanser is so handy. I literally just use one drop before inserting it during my period. I love that it is completely natural and scent-free. It makes using the cup even more convenient, especially when I'm travelling."

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Made with lavendar extract

Most soaps can damage the silicone of menstrual cups. Our perfume-free cleanser is the perfect match for medical silicone.

Highly concentrated

One drop of our cleanser diluted in water kills 99% bacteria. The concentrated formula lasts longer and is more eco-friendly.

Transforming lives

Asan redistributes profits to provide free menstrual cups and menstrual health education to women and girls across the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Moksha Patel

menstrual cup cleanser

Yeshaswini Rajagopal

menstrual cup cleanser

Kanika Rajput

menstrual cup cleanser

Aditi Dimri

Life changing

Best menstrual cup wash

This menstrual cup wash by Asan is good product, it is made of natural ingredient and makes the cup bacteria free. One bottle will lasts you 6-8 months, hence is value of money as well as does it job of making menstrual cup safe to use.


Does the cleanser contain harmful chemicals? 

No, the cleanser is made from natural ingredients including lavender extract. It is formulated to kill 99% bacteria but also to be gentle on your cup, and cannot cause you any harm.

Should I use the cleanser every time I empty my cup? 

If you do not have the cleanser to hand, it is safe to wash your cup thoroughly in clean water and re-insert. However, using the cleanser consistently each time you empty your cup helps prevent stains and odours.

Do I still need to boil my cup? 

Boiling your menstrual cup between periods is the only way to ensure complete (100%) sterilisation. If you are unable to boil your cup, a few drops of cleanser diluted in warm water is a safe way to clean your cup between periods.

Will the cleanser prevent stains?

Yes, using the cleanser consistently helps prevent stains. If you find that your menstrual cup is staining, then scrubbing it gently with an old toothbrush and a few drops of OneDrop cleanser can help remove stains.

What comes in the box? 

Your purchase includes one bottle of Asan OneDrop Cleanser (60ml). If you'd like to purchase a combo pack that includes an Asan cup and cleanser together, click here.