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asan menstrual cup

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    Loved by users for its unique ring design, the Asan cup is the easiest menstrual cup to insert and remove.

    For every cup you purchase, Asan donates one for free to a person who can't afford period products.

    • Class VI medical grade silicone
    • Leak-free protection for up to 12 hours
    • Ring-shaped stem for easy removal
    • Exercise, swim and be active on your period
    • No rashes, discomfort, odours or itching
    • Illustrated user guide and storage pouch included
    • Reusable for up to 10 years
    • Free India-wide shipping


    The Asan size guide is simple: just choose based on your period flow.

    Light/Medium flow: For those who can wear pads/tampons for 6+ hours without leaking.

    Heavy flow: For those who leak through pads/tampons within 2-6 hours.

    Learn more about our sizing and how to use the cup.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 115 reviews
    Mastered the cup game using Asan Menstrual Cup

    Finally cupverted using Asan Cup. Here are the few things which helped me in this journey:
    1. Getting proper information and knowledge prior using the cup. Content on Asan's website is so well written. I got an answer to my each query there.
    2. Not giving up helped me immensely as I kept on trying and seeking ways to make it work. Initially in 2020, I bought a menstrual cup from another brand without proper knowledge and gave up after few failures. Didn't turn towards the cup until January 2024. Out of blue, I tried that again and it worked.. Only issue was that the cup was too soft and didn't work for me well and I experienced leakage. Then I saw Asan cup on my insta feed and read all the info, reviews and decided to buy light/medium flow cup which happened to be the bestest decision ever. I kept on working with Asan Cup and initially while trying, for me it used to take lot of time but I would suggest if you are experiencing the same then please hang in there and keep on trying and trust me.. eventually it works out like magic. There is a learning curve for sure and that may differ person to person so, don't get frustrated with failures so easily.
    3. Knowing my own body and being comfortable with my body has helped me. Unfortunately, vagina is either associated with shame or fear or sometimes both hence knowing my own body and being comfortable with it has helped me in leaving behind all my fears and getting on the menstrual cup adventure.
    4. I had few queries after using the cup and Mamta from Asan team has helped me with my queries generously.
    Thanks to the entire Asan Team. Kudos!! Quality of the cup is Top Notch.

    Ratna Jadhao

    asan menstrual cup

    Saranya .
    I’ve stopped experiencing leakage 😊

    i switched from another brand of cups to Asan in december and ive been really enjoying using it. its really firm yet folds easily and ive experienced close to no leakage, which i had been facing in my earlier cup. the ring is also much more durable. its really thoughtfully made and you can see that when you use the cup. Kudos to the team.
    Highly recommend Asan!

    It's the best decision!

    Hey ladies! Asan cup has made my menstrual life very Asan💫
    Happy that I made this decision to switch to cups 6 months ago. What a blessing it is to have rashless and fresh feeling periods all the time! Easy to move without feeling that crampy itchy damp feeling that I used to get with pads. And the most importantly having a literally good night sleep during periods that I had never got in last 15 years of my periods. It's super comfy to insert and remove, just keep patience and u will learn. I still remember the first time I used Asan cup I took 45 minutes with music playing in background to keep myself calm😅. Thanks team Asan and Mamta for answering my questions patiently. You people are really doing a great job by donating cups in rural areas. Keep growing.


    asan menstrual cup