How do you change your menstrual cup in a public toilet?

Are you worried about how to change your menstrual cup in a public toiletWe get it, but we’re here to tell you that it’s actually really easy. 

One of the best things about using a menstrual cup is that you can wear it for up to 12 hours without having to make frequent trips to the bathroom. 

However, whether you’re stuck at school or office on a long day, or travelling with a menstrual cup, there will come a time when you have to change your cup in a public toilet. 

Adapting to different restroom environments while changing a menstrual cup can be daunting. Some are very clean and others not so much, especially if you’re on the road.

But, we can assure you that all you need for ensuring cleanliness when changing a menstrual cup in public restrooms is some clean water. 

Here are our tips for managing menstrual cup changes in public spaces: 

1. Wash your hands 

One of the first and best practices for changing a menstrual cup in a public toilet is to always ensure that you have clean hands. 

Wash your hands in the sink prior to going into a stall to change your cup. If you want to be extra careful, you can use tissue or toilet paper to open and close the stall. 

Once you’re done changing your cup, wipe your hands with toilet paper or tissue and dispose of them before coming out to give your hands a final scrub in the sink. 

2. Use the sink 

Once you’ve taken your cup out and emptied it into the toilet, you can always come out and use the sink to wash your cup.

If you’re feeling awkward around other people, you can wipe your cup with a clean tissue or some toilet paper before you come out to clean it in the sink. 

3. Carry a water bottle 

If you’re worried about hygiene for public toilet cup change, you can carry a water bottle with you to clean the cup. 

Once you’ve removed the cup, empty it and then rinse it using the water from your bottle. You can also use some of the water to rinse your hands before you reinsert the cup again. 

This is one of the convenient options for changing a menstrual cup outside home when you’re not sure about having access to clean water. 

4. Use the accessible stalls 

If the public restroom has an accessible stall and it’s empty, you can use it for discreet menstrual cup change and cleaning. 

Most accessible bathrooms are equipped with a sink inside the stall itself so you’ll be able to wash the cup without having to bring it out to the public sinks. 

However, please make sure you’re doing this responsibly and if you're waiting in public lines, ask if anyone needs to use the accessible washroom before you do. 

5. Carry an extra cup with you 

Although you don’t need another cup, you can always always have one as a backup.

The Asan cup comes in two sizes and although you don’t need more than one cup, some of our users like switching between the light/medium flow and heavy flow cup according to what their flow looks like on different days.

If you don’t think you will be able to rinse the cup properly, then you can always just remove it and use the clean cup. 

6. Use Asan’s one drop menstrual cup cleanser

Asan’s one drop menstrual cup cleanser is the safest way to clean your menstrual cup. It is made up of natural ingredients and 100% free from artificial fragrances and chemicals. 

Just squeeze one drop of the cleanser into your menstrual cup and dilute it with clean water, before rinsing the cup thoroughly.

Designed to be portable, it is travel-friendly and very handy to use in public bathrooms.

The more you get used to using your menstrual cup, the more your confidence changing the menstrual cup in public toilets will increase.

Remember that your period is normal and there’s nothing to be embarrassed or anxious about.

frequently asked questions

Is changing menstrual cup in public restroom safe? 

Yes, absolutely! All you need to do is empty the cup, rinse it with clean water, and reinsert it with clean hands. 

How to discreetly change your menstrual cup in a public restroom? 

If you want to be discreet and not wash the menstrual cup in the sink, you can carry a bottle of clean water with you inside the stall and use that to rinse the cup. 

What are some menstrual cup changing solutions for travellers? 

Menstrual cups are very travel-friendly, especially because they minimise trips to public bathrooms.

When you do need to clean and change your menstrual cup during travelling, just find a bathroom and rinse the cup with clean water.

If you’re worried about just using the water, you can also use Asan's one-drop menstrual cup cleanser which is made up of natural ingredients and comes in a portable, travel-friendly bottle. 

Just squeeze one drop of the cleanser into the cup and dilute it with the water and rinse!