First Time Using a Menstrual Cup? 10 Super Easy Tips

Are you about to use a menstrual cup for the first time? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place!

There are so many advantages of using a menstrual cup – you’re saving money, it’s super eco-friendly, and most importantly, it can be a very liberating and comfortable form of period protection.

That said, we understand that using a menstrual cup for the first time can feel daunting. Here are 10 tips that will make your first time menstrual cup use into a smooth and easy experience.

tip #1 - choose the right cup!

There are many different brands of menstrual cups, and the first step is to select a high quality cup from a trusted brand, such as the Asan cup!

It’s also crucial to select the right size menstrual cup for your flow. If you have light to moderate period flow, go for a smaller or softer cup such as Asan’s light/medium flow size. 

If you have heavy period flow, a larger, firmer cup will be better for you – such as Asan’s heavy flow size. 

tip #2 - read the manufacturer instructions

What do you do when you first get a menstrual cup? You read the instructions! 

You may be tempted to watch online videos, which is totally fine – but we also recommend reading the instruction manual that comes with your menstrual cup, as each manufacturer will have different tips and advice.

tip #3 - boil menstrual cup before first use

No matter where you purchase your cup, this step is critical. Boil your cup before using it the first time in order to sterilise it.

Between every period, you can continue to boil your cup or you can invest in Asan’s OneDrop Cleanser which is a natural cleanser that kills 99% of bacteria.

tip #4 - stay calm!

This is super important. You might feel anxious the first time you try your cup, which can lead your vaginal muscles to clamp up, making insertion difficult.

The first few times, we encourage you to try your cup at home. Choose a day when you have plenty of time and don’t rush. The last thing you want is to try your cup when you’re out or at work, and then face discomfort or leaks.

To stay calm, you can also play some music and breathe deeply. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be!

tip #5 - practice a few insertion folds 

Are menstrual cups easy to insert? The answer is yes – but it takes practice. You need to experiment with the different menstrual cup folds to figure out which one is best for you.

The C-Fold works great for experienced users, while first-time users may prefer the punch-down or 7 flow.

Insert at first using one fold and if it doesn’t work out, try again with another.

tip #6 - cut your nails 

Make sure that your nails are cut short and don't have sharp edges before you insert your menstrual cup. 

This will prevent you from getting accidental abrasions on your vaginal skin.

 tip #7 - angle the cup towards your tailbone

One of the best tips for first time menstrual cup insertion is to angle the cup towards your tailbone, not upwards. This is because the vaginal canal runs at a 45 degree angle.

Point your cup sideways towards your tailbone and it will go in more easily.

tip #8 - try in the shower

If it is your first time using a menstrual cup during menstruation, one great tip is to try inserting and remove your cup in the shower.

The water will help lubricate your cup, and trying in the shower will also help avoid any mess in case of spills.

If you can’t try in the shower, you can still use clean water to lubricate your cup which makes it easier to insert.

tip #9 - don’t give up!

Although menstrual cups are amazing once you get used to them, one of the disadvantages of using a menstrual cup is that it takes a bit of time to get used to – you can’t just strap it on like a pad.

On average, it takes Asan cup users three menstrual cycles to become completely comfortable with their cup – after which, they happily say goodbye to pads and tampons forever!

You may need to persevere a bit – if it doesn’t work out the first, second or third try, keep going because you’ll get there in the end. 

Check out our video from young teens who took a few tries to master the art of wearing a cup.

tip #10 - be kind to yourself

Trying to get your menstrual cup in perfectly and failing can be a super frustrating feeling. If it’s not going well, maybe you need to take a break and try on your next period cycle.

There’s no “perfect” period product and all of us have different bodies, period flows and needs. Please be kind to yourself – you’ll get there in the end!

We hope you’ve found these first time using a menstrual cup guidelines helpful. If you still have doubts, check out the frequently asked questions that we have put together for you below.

frequently asked questions

Can you use a menstrual cup when not on your period?

Menstrual cups are designed specifically to collect your period flow. Please don’t use them for other purposes such as collecting vaginal discharge.

Can you put a menstrual cup in before your period?

Yes, if you know you’re about to get your period then you can put your menstrual cup in in advance. If it’s your first time, you can practice insertion when you’re not on your period – just use clean water to lubricate it and remove it once you’re done practicing.

Can you use a menstrual cup on your first period?

This is a question we often get from mums. On your daughter’s very first period, it might be best to give them a pad or period underwear, as periods will be very new to them. 

Once they’ve experienced a few periods and are more comfortable with the process, you can give them a menstrual cup. Some teens take to menstrual cups as young as age 13, while others may switch to cups when they’re a bit older. The Asan cup is perfectly safe for teens of any age.

Does using a menstrual cup break my hymen?

The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the entrance to the vagina. Some of us are born without a hymen, while for others, it wears away naturally over time, for example through exercise, having sex or using insertable period products.

If your hymen is still intact, then using a menstrual cup will likely stretch or tear your hymen. 

Can we use menstrual cups before marriage?

Yes, of course! Menstrual cups have no connection to marriage. You can use one whatever your marital status.

If you’re concerned about virginity, please have a look at our detailed blog about menstrual cups and virginity.

Does it hurt to use a menstrual cup for the first time?

Does using a menstrual cup hurt – this is one of our most frequently asked questions. If you have never used a cup before, then you might feel a bit of discomfort the first few times you try it. 

However, this should go away with practice and once you are used to the process, using a menstrual cup should not give you any pain. If you experience serious pain, please stop using your cup and seek medical help.

How long does it take to get used to a menstrual cup?

Everyone is different! If you’ve used insertable products like tampons before, then getting used to the cup can be very quick – it may only take one menstrual cycle. If you are new to cups, then please give it three cycles until you are totally confident.

Should I feel my menstrual cup when I sit down?

No, you should not feel your cup when you sit down. This suggests it has been inserted in the wrong position. Please remove your cup and insert it again.

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