Top 15 best menstrual cups for 2024

Ready to switch to a menstrual cup but don’t know which one to choose?

We got you.

In the ever-evolving landscape of menstrual health, menstrual cups have proven to be revolutionary game-changers—they’re sustainable, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and comfortable. As more and more people seek menstrual products that align with their sustainability values, the demand for menstrual cups has increasingly gone up. Today, there are so many menstrual cup brands out there that it might feel like a confusing and difficult choice to make.  

To make it easier for you to choose which menstrual cup to buy, we’ve put together a list of the 15 best menstrual cups globally. From cutting-edge designs to user-friendly features, each cup has its own unique element.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to switch to a menstrual cup, or an experienced user looking for a new one, we hope this list helps you pick the best menstrual cup for 2024 for you!

*please note that this is not in order of preference

best cup overall

Asan Menstrual Cup

The Asan cup was specifically designed to be comfortable, incredibly easy to remove, and safe. The cup itself is made of the highest quality Class VI medical grade silicone which is super soft, flexible and safe for use in the human body. 

Its patented design, developed at the Harvard Innovation Lab includes a bell- shaped silhouette and a unique removal ring that makes sure that the cup sits comfortably inside you, and is very easy to locate no matter how low or high up the cervix the cup travels. All you have to do is use the loop to bring the cup lower, and then pinch the cup to break the seal. 

Additionally, as compared to other menstrual cup sizing, the Asan cup sizing is really easy to understand because it is designed to perfectly suit your period flow. It comes in two sizes—light/medium flow and heavy flow. To understand more about which size might be the best for you, take a look at their detailed sizing guide. 

Asan was founded as a social enterprise, specifically on the belief that no one—wherever they are in the world—should ever have to worry about access to safe and high-quality menstrual hygiene. Hence, they run a 1-for-1 donation programme where for every Asan cup purchased, they donate one to a person in rural India who doesn’t have access to good period care. 

If you are someone that values the social impact created through your purchase, while also prioritising the best quality for yourself, the Asan cup is a great choice for you!

best cups for comfort


Safecup is a great option for those looking for comfort because their mindful design makes sure that you’ll have a good period experience.

It has a rounded short stem to ensure that it doesn’t feel like anything is poking your skin, an enhanced rim that makes sure to hug your vaginal walls without slipping down, and sturdy material to prevent leaks.

However, if you have a higher cervix or are more anxious about the removal process, the reduced short stem might make it more difficult to locate during removal.


This Scandinavian brand is made of a high-quality medical silicone, is smooth and comfortable to use. The Lunette menstrual cup was specifically designed for a better grip and fit and it does not disappoint. If you struggle with shorter stems, Lunette’s stem is a good length to grab hold of and is also flat which makes it easy to remove.

Its large size is especially great for users with a heavy flow because of how firm and sturdy it is. But, if you’re a beginner and are nervous about trying a cup for the first time, we don’t recommend using a firm cup as it can be more difficult to insert and remove while you’re still getting used to it.

best cups for easy removal


From Superdrug’s line of organic menstrual products, the Luna cup comes in two sizes and has three times the capacity of a tampon. It is soft and easy to use, especially while removing because its stem is designed to be easier to locate and provide better grip.

As it is a softer option than some of the menstrual cups out there, it might take a few more tries to properly figure out how to ‘reinflate’ and get it to its original shape to make sure it's airtight after insertion. Till then, you may experience some leaks or discomfort but once you get used to it, it will be great!


The Mooncup has been around for a long time, and is one of the first ever reusable menstrual cup brands. It is an employee owned and ethical company and is known for its effective and simple to use cups. It could also be seen as one of the best known menstrual cup brands around.

Its long stem feature makes it really easy for removal, and also allows you to customize the stem to your length preference by trimming it. Although, if you’re experienced with a menstrual cup, you will know that you should go through a few cycles before you decide to trim the stem.

However, it might feel a little more rigid than other menstrual cup brands out there so if you prefer a softer option, we would ask you to choose a different option.

best cups for beginners


The Divacup has been a leader in menstrual health for over two decades now and can be seen as one of the original menstrual cup brands. If the question is, “which menstrual cup is best for beginners?” is on your mind, then you should definitely look into the Divacup.

Other than being a safe and credible cup to use, it comes with extensive training materials and has a multilingual consumer experience team that’s always reachable, which can be very useful for first-time users.

Although its high quality is definitely worth the investment, the Divacup is slightly more expensive than other newer brands of equally high quality. If you have a tight budget, looking at these other alternatives might be a better option for you.


If you’re looking for your first ever menstrual cup, you should consider Cora’s The Easy-Does-It Cup.

The cup has smart design differences that make it ideal for beginners. The silicone cup has a flattened part on the side that guides you where to place your finger while folding it, and the bottom narrows in a way that makes pinching to remove the cup even easier. The material is soft and easy to clean, and this option in particular is a middle size which is a good starting size if you’re not sure which one to pick.

It’s also great for those who prefer a transparent cup, but keep in mind that because it’s clear, there might be slight discolouration and staining after the first few cycles.

best cups for cleaning

Bfree Cup

Popularised as the world’s only boil free menstrual cup, the Bfree cup uses a physically antibacterial silicone that was created out of a thorough design process and was a coordinated effort of their team of engineers, material scientists and physicists.

Bfree’s antibacterial technology means that the cup doesn’t need to be boiled in between cycles and all you have to do after your period is rinse, wipe and store away. This makes the cup extremely easy to use and to travel with because you’re not worried about the sterilisation process.

The Bfree cup is on the more expensive side, so it may not be a good fit if you’re looking for a cost-effective menstrual cup. Also in our experience, many people actually like boiling their cup as it makes them feel reassured that the cup is sterile.


Saalt has an affordable menstrual cup steamer that you can buy along with their menstrual cup, making it easy to clean and sterilise on the go. All you have to do is add clean water, click the start button and let the cup steam. It is as effective as boiling and eliminates the need to find a place or vessel to boil your cup, especially when you’re travelling.

It’s a great option along with Saalt’s own brand menstrual cup which can hold upto 50ml of menstrual fluid as compared to the usual 20-30ml capacity of most other cups. However, this cup is much larger to fit and can be intimidating to try as a beginner. Also, the menstrual cup steamer while being a great option, is just another additional item to carry while travelling and if you’re a light traveller, it could sometimes be bulky and add to your luggage.

best cups for social impact  

Ruby Cup

Like Asan, Ruby Cup puts social impact at the centre of their vision and is a great option for those of you looking to make a conscious impact-driven choice.

They also have a 1-for-1 donation model where for every cup bought, they donate one to someone without access to safe period care across countries in Africa. In this way, they’re not only ensuring that the person has access to period care but also enabling them to exercise their full potential and feel empowered and in control of their own period.

If you’re looking to make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls across villages in Africa, you can opt to buy from Ruby Cup.

Hey Girls

Hey Girls is another period product social enterprise that believes that access to period products and education is a right, not a privilege. They’re focused on bringing an end to period poverty in the UK.

One of their impact features include their dispensers that contain Hey Girls period products and require no monetary transactions. These dispensaries operate on a ‘take what you need’ model because period poverty looks different for everyone and can vary from month to month.

If you’re in the UK and want to contribute positively to your community through your purchase, you can consider buying a Hey Girls menstrual cup.

best design


Intimina is a Swedish brand that offers a range of products dedicated exclusively to all aspects of a woman's intimate health. Their menstrual cups come in various original designs and are both unique and fun!

One of their best-known menstrual cups includes the Lily Cup Compact which is a collapsible cup that can be flattened into a pocket-sized compact case.

Although it’s a great option, there have been some reviews of it being difficult to open once inserted, especially if you have strong pelvic muscles. It’s important to understand and consider your body’s unique nature when trying to find the cup that’s best for you.


This might be one of the chicest cups in the market with its pastel pink colour and simple aesthetic. It also has a patented “pebble” stem to make the removal of the cup easier.

Along with the unique stem and “tri-flow” air release holes, the Nüdie cup also has volume markings on the inside of the cup that lets you better understand your flow.

It comes in three different sizes —small/teen, medium, and large–and is divided by age and whether you’ve given birth vaginally or not. Because it divides its cups in this manner and not by flow like Asan, it might take a few tries of the different sizes to understand which works the best for your flow.

best budget-friendly cups

AllMatters (previously OrganicCup) Menstrual Cup 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option, the AllMatters, formerly OrganiCup is an affordable menstrual cup option for you. 

Their low-waste packaging is made from recycled paper/cardboard and is designed in such a way that you can unfold the box to read the user guide that is printed inside it. It comes in different sizes and costs around £15 on Amazon. 

It is definitely one of the more affordable options out there, but if you’re looking for a more customizable design or something that won’t stain after a couple of cycles, you may want to look at a different option because this cup is transparent. 

Flex cup 

Flex was started “so anyone with a period could find comfort.” Along with the Flex cup being a zero-waste product, it is unique in the sense that it has a patented pull-tab that makes the removal process similar to that of a tampon. 

Within the larger menstrual cup market, it is also one of the more budget-friendly options and if that’s what you’re looking for, you should definitely consider the Flex cup. 

It’s also made of a soft silicone to give you a velvety-soft feel and hence might be a good choice for beginners. However, it might take a few tries to understand whether the softness works for your body or not, because sometimes the cup may fold/bend when inside causing the release of suction and hence leakage. 

frequently asked questions 

How do I choose the right menstrual cup from the list of best menstrual cups for 2024?

To make sure that you choose the best menstrual cup for you, there are a few things you should keep in mind and look out for: 

  1. Size: Menstrual cups come in different sizes, and while some are based on whether or not you’ve given birth, others are based on the height of your cervix and your age. Asan’s cup is simply based on your period flow – we have a light/medium flow cup for those with lighter flow, and a heavy flow cup for those with heavier flow. To learn more, head to our detailed sizing guide. 
  2. Material: As an intimate product that is inserted inside your body, you should make sure that the menstrual cup you choose is made of biocompatible material. Ideally, the cup should be made with medical grade silicone. 
  3. Quality: You should make sure that the menstrual cup you choose is of the highest quality, and that includes checking material, firmness, the ability to insert and remove, and good design. 
  4. Price: As you may have noticed, there are a range of menstrual cup brands out there and while some may be more expensive, there are also affordable alternatives. You should look for the best combination of quality and price for you, but also remember that investing in a quality menstrual cup now means saving money on period products for the next 10 years. 

Are there menstrual cups that are easy to clean and maintain?

Menstrual cups in general are really easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is boil it in water for 10-15 minutes at the start and the end of your period cycle. 

During your cycle you can just remove it, empty the fluid, rinse it with tap water and then reinsert it. 

You can also use Asan’s One Drop cleanser, which is super convenient when you’re travelling or don’t have access to boiling water. 

Read this blog to learn more about how to clean a menstrual cup. 

How to choose your first menstrual cup?

If you’re already thinking about this question, congratulations on making the decision to switch. We understand that choosing your first menstrual cup may be intimidating, but you can refer to our list of the top 15 best menstrual cups for 2024 and see what works best for you. We’ve put together a list of menstrual cups based on comfort, quality, design and price to make the decision a little easier for you! 

Which one is the best menstrual cup?

The Asan menstrual cup prioritises quality, safety, sustainability and comfort. Check out this list to understand the benefits of other menstrual cups as there are several options available today.

What menstrual cups do gynaecologists recommend?

If you’re wondering whether a menstrual cup is a gynaecologist recommended product, read this blog to learn about why Dr. Premalatha, UK-trained OBGYN recommends using the Asan cup.