How to manage your period while doing yoga

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Yoga has been practised for thousands of years and it’s a known fact that it has many benefits for our mind and bodies. 

While we know that yoga improves flexibility and strength, can help body pains, and is a relaxing form of movement, there has been little research about whether we can do yoga while on our periods. 

So this blog will break some myths about doing yoga on our periods, understand the benefits of it, and learn how we can best manage our periods while doing yoga. 

is it okay to do yoga during periods? 

Yes absolutely!

It is completely okay to do yoga on your period. In fact, it can help loosen up your body from feeling period cramps and help relax your mind and body. 

Keep in mind your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes while you’re on your period which can cause mental and physical discomforts. So it’s important to go easy on yourself and do gentle and light yoga during periods. 

what are the benefits of yoga during periods? 

There are many positive effects of yoga on menstruation. In fact, while other forms of exercise can feel strenuous on your period, yoga is a great option to get your body moving while still feeling relaxed. 

Deep breathing and meditation exercises that are promoted through yoga can help circulate oxygen around your body, easing many period symptoms such as cramps, nausea and fatigue.

Doing yoga is also a great way to help you feel relaxed and reduce PMS symptoms such as anxiety and irritability that you may be feeling on your period. 

what period products can i use while doing yoga on my period? 

There are many options when it comes to hygiene products for doing yoga during your period. 

Single-use sanitary pads are the most common period product used and can be super easy to use as you just need to stick them onto your underwear.

While pads are an effortless product, the biggest issue you can face while doing yoga is leakage. As yoga requires your body to create different poses, it’s very easy for pads to slip positions and cause leakage - which can be very annoying and inconvenient. 

Tampons on the other hand, are an insertable period product that soak up your period flow inside your vagina. However, similar to single-use pads, tampons can also leak while doing yoga as your pelvic muscles stretch and move in various positions. 

Menstrual cups collect your period flow inside your body, rather than absorbing it. As a good quality menstrual cup creates a seal inside your vaginal canal when you insert it, it should not leak regardless of which yoga pose you do. So they make for a great period product while doing yoga! 

what is the best period product for doing yoga on my period?

A good period product should ensure that you’re completely comfortable and worry-free of leaks while doing yoga.

The Asan cup is a great period product option for yoga as it has been designed to be completely leak-proof. 

It is made from Class 6 medical grade silicone, which is the highest quality silicone that can be used for menstrual cups. The bell-shaped design and 3 air holes of the Asan cup have been made for it to create perfect suction once it is inserted in your vaginal canal. 

The Asan cup comes in two sizes and you can select a size based on your period flow. So if you’re someone with heavy bleeding during periods, don’t worry! You can still practise yoga while on your periods leak-free with the Asan heavy flow cup. 

The Asan cups design, quality and sizing ensures that it is leak-proof and very comfortable to use. So no matter what yoga pose you do, the seal will not break! 

It comes with a detailed and illustrated user guide which helps you learn how to use the Asan cup. 

This includes not only how to insert, remove and clean the cup, but also an extensive FAQ about all the questions you may have when using a menstrual cup for the first time. 

can you do inverted yoga poses while on your period? 

Are you wondering if you can do a headstand or crow pose while you’re on your period? Well the answer is yes! 

When it comes to our period flow, uterine contractions are responsible for which way it flows, not our body’s orientation to the ground. 

So, similar to how it’s possible to swallow when upside down or how bedridden people can still urinate, turning upside down while doing yoga won’t affect your period flow. 

can inverted yoga cause retrograde menstruation? 

Retrograde menstruation is when your period flows backwards. So instead of coming down your vaginal canal and outside your vagina, it flows up towards your uterus and fallopian tubes. 

This is a fairly common condition and in fact most people experience some retrograde menstruation while they’re on their periods due to our uterus contracting in different waves. 

Doing inverted yoga poses doesn't cause retrograde menstruation - as our period flow moves on the basis of uterine contractions, not gravity. 

Read this blog to learn more about retrograde menstruation. 

can menstrual cups cause retrograde menstruation during your period? 

No, not at all! 

When you insert a menstrual cup, it sits in your vaginal canal - which is below the uterus. So for retrograde menstruation to happen this would require your period flow to re-enter the cervix or the opening of the uterus. Our anatomy ensures that this is simply not possible!

some frequently asked questions 

Can I do butterfly yoga during periods? 

Yes definitely! 

The butterfly pose exercises the pelvic region which can help relieve stiffness and pain from the stomach, back and hips during your period. 

In fact, the butterfly pose is the best yoga for better period flow too. 

Can I do power yoga during periods? 

Power yoga is a fast-paced form of yoga which focuses on building strength and endurance.

Whether or not you should do power yoga on your period depends on your body and period symptoms. As it is a high intensity form of yoga, it’s important to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard while you’re on your period. 

Which yoga poses should be avoided during periods? 

Poses such as twists, strong backbends and arm balances can put a lot of stress on your pelvic and abdominal region. So you should avoid these yoga poses during periods, especially if you’re experiencing period cramps. 

What yoga products should I use while doing yoga on my period? 

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