Best menstrual cups to buy wholesale

Are you looking for a wholesale distributor of menstrual cups? 

You’ve come to the perfect place! Asan specialises in providing sustainable period products wholesale

We also provide fantastic training modules and user guides around menstrual cups in 8 different languages, making sure you have all the resources you need to effectively distribute the menstrual cups.

why should I buy menstrual cups wholesale?

If you are looking to sponsor or distribute cups to a large community (e.g. 50 people or more), then menstrual cup bulk orders can be much more cost-effective than ordering individual cups online (or buying them in a store that is a menstrual cup stockist). 

The Asan cup is among the world’s highest quality period cups, and we strive to subsidise our product for CSR partners, charities and other groups. Contact us for menstrual cup wholesale prices and wholesale menstrual cup deals. 

what is special about the Asan cup?

The Asan cup was created by a team of women engineers and designers with a mission to make the easiest period cup to insert and remove.

Our cup was ranked #1 best menstrual cup globally by the Evening Standard, and has a nearly 5 star rating on Shopify and Amazon. Users love our cup for its unique removal ring that makes it extremely easy to take out.

A great reason to choose Asan for menstrual cup bulk buying is that our products are highly durable, and they never discolour! We use the highest quality medical grade silicone and our cups last up to 10 years. 

The red colour means they also never stain or discolour – making it the best long-term investment when it comes to bulk eco-friendly menstrual solutions.

how do Asan’s wholesale partnerships work?

At Asan, we don’t simply sell menstrual products—we do everything we can to ensure our users have the knowledge, information and confidence to safely use our cups.

This is why we partner with wholesale buyers to design training programmes and provide local language user materials and videos. As a wholesale period cup distributor, we’re very involved in the menstrual cup distribution and even help you follow up with users to ensure they’re having a great experience using the Asan cup.

Our wholesale menstrual cup kits include Asan cups, local language user guides, cloth storage pouches, and boxes. We always offer additional education sessions and follow-up sessions free of charge.

We consider this process to be very important because switching to a reusable menstrual cup involves learning new behaviours – the more education and information materials you can give users, the better!

what’s included in the training materials?

As a reusable period cup supplier, our training materials include illustrated user guides, pamphlets, and training videos in your local or regional language.

These materials cover every aspect of using the Asan cup – from how to clean and store it, to how to insert and remove the cup. They also cover frequently asked questions like the right age to try the Asan cup, how to choose the right size, and also how to take care of your cup in the long-term. 

These materials have been designed to be extremely friendly and accessible – making the process of switching to a reusable menstrual cup fun rather than intimidating. The Asan team is always available to conduct further training sessions and help answer any questions your users may have.

does Asan have a menstrual cup re-seller program?

Asan has several different types of partnerships, including partnering with retailers who stock and re-sell the Asan cup. Our retail partners include pharmacies, supermarkets, and other wellness brands.

To learn more about our menstrual cup retailer packages, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.