Chopping the ring off your Asan cup

The Asan menstrual cup with a ring is designed to make it super easy to locate your cup during removal. It is made from ultra-soft and flexible silicone, which means it should not poke you at all.

In general, we don’t recommend trimming your cup stem (or ring, if you are using Asan) unless you are an experienced user. 

who should chop the ring off their Asan cup? 

You should only consider trimming the stem or ring of your menstrual cup if you have a very low cervix and the ring is causing you discomfort. For some users, part of the cup sticks outside the vagina, which results in the menstrual cup stem poking them.

Your cervix can be located at the end of your vagina and connects your vagina to your uterus. During your period, your cervix opens up to allow for your menstrual flow to pass out.

Your cervix can be considered a ‘low cervix’ when you can only insert half a finger (one or two knuckles) or less into your vagina. Check out our blog on menstrual cups and cervix height to learn more. 

when should I chop the ring off my cup? 

You should only cut the ring off the Asan cup after you have used the cup for one or two full menstrual cycles, not just one day of your period. 

It is important to note that your cervix can change positions during your period. So even if the ring is sticking out on day one of your period, it may be harder to reach the cup without the ring on another day as your cervix has moved up higher.

This is why we only suggest removing the stem or ring of a menstrual cup if you have a very low cervix and experience ongoing discomfort. But please give it a few tries first! 

is it OK to chop the stem of a menstrual cup before I have tried it?

No, please don’t do this! As mentioned above, you need to try the cup for one full menstrual period before considering whether to trim the stem of your menstrual cup.

Once you have cut the stem off your menstrual cup you can never go back, so please only do this if you’re very sure you can reach and locate the base of your cup with ease.

how do I chop the ring off my cup?

To chop the stem off your cup (or ring if using Asan!), use a pair of clean and sharp scissors for a smooth cut.

Flatten your cup and then very gently trim off the rim from the base - this is the part that connects the ring to the cup.

Once you are done cutting the stem with scissors, feel the base with your finger and if there are any jagged edges you should trim those off as well. 

will the cup be uncomfortable once I have trimmed the ring off? 

If you have trimmed the ring off without any jagged edges, it should not be uncomfortable.

That said, keep in mind that once you have chopped the stem off, it can be very difficult to locate! Please do not trim the ring off unless you have a very low cervix and you are an experienced menstrual cup user. 

We can't guarantee that the cup will be easy to remove for you once you have chopped off the ring -- our unique ring design is made especially to make locating your menstrual cup effortless. 

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.