Are menstrual cups comfortable?

Do you have friends who swear by menstrual cups and yet you can’t believe that they could be comfortable?

You’re not alone! While menstrual cups are fantastic from the perspective of affordability and eco-friendliness, many people just can’t get used to the idea of inserting a cup into their body.

One of the biggest menstrual cup myths is that cups will hurt you – in reality, they’re not painful at all!

In this blog, we’re going to discuss all things related to menstrual cup comfort. We’ll cover menstrual cup fit, insertion and removal, and suggest some of the most comfortable menstrual cup brands for you to try.

Can I feel a menstrual cup when it’s inside me?

It sounds crazy, but when you insert a menstrual cup, you actually can’t feel a thing!

It’s almost as if your period has disappeared. This is because the cup collects your period flow internally, and you can’t feel it at all.

However, there is a learning curve when it comes to insertion and removal.

How do I comfortably insert a cup?

If you’ve never inserted anything before (such as a tampon), you may feel some initial discomfort as you get used to the process of inserting a cup. 

Please rest assured that after a few tries, you will get the hang of it and menstrual cup insertion will become second nature – it won’t hurt at all. Ease of use really does improve over time!

You need to begin by folding your cup into a small shape. Grip it tightly and angle it towards your tailbone. 

Gently slide it in, and let go when it is fully inside you – it will pop open and make a comfortable seal with your vagina.

Check out our detailed guide on menstrual cup folds and insertion to learn more about this process.

How do I comfortably remove a cup?

Just like insertion, removing a menstrual cup takes getting used to. You can wear a cup for up to 12 hours, after which you’ll have to take it out and empty it.

When it comes to menstrual cup comfort and removal tips, the most important thing is to be calm. 

Take a few deep breaths the first time you remove your cup. You can also sit in a deep squat to relax your muscles.

The Asan cup comes with a user-friendly removal ring that makes it extremely easy to remove – simply pull on the ring to bring the cup lower, and then pinch to break the seal and wiggle it out. 

Remember to be gentle!

For detailed tips on removal, check out this guide.

How do I choose the most comfortable period cups?

To ensure comfort, it’s important to choose a high-quality menstrual cup made from 100% medical silicone.

Some brands make very soft menstrual cups that might be easy to insert, but will not hold their shape and will collapse once inside you – which can lead to leaks.

Asan specializes in easy-to-use menstrual cups that balance being smooth and flexible, while also being firm enough to be leakage-free.

Our light/medium flow cup is slightly softer and smaller, while our heavy flow cup is slightly larger and firmer, to ensure there are no leaks.

Can I comfortably work-out with menstrual cups?

Absolutely, yes!

One of the many menstrual cup benefits is that they enable you to do sports, yoga and even swimming in total comfort.

Read this blog to learn more about how you can swim with a menstrual cup

As a cup is worn internally, you won’t feel any discomfort or chafing like you would with sanitary pads.

Professional athletes including cyclists, swimmers and runners swear by the Asan menstrual cup for stress-free periods during intense exercise sessions. 

Our cup is extremely popular among active women and girls. 

What about menstrual cup comfort and travelling?

Period cups are literally the best solution for travelling and even long workdays.

This is because they can be worn for 12 hours straight and hold up to 3 times more than the average pad or tampon.

If you’re going on a long plane, train, or car journey that involves extended wear of period products, then a cup is perfect. You don’t need to worry about changing or disposing of pads and tampons! 

Cups are also a low-maintenance solution for travel, as you don’t have to pack lots of pads and tampons in your luggage – just one tiny period cup will suffice!

If you’re looking for an extremely comfortable alternative to pads and tampons, especially one that is leak-free, we hope you will give the Asan period cup a try.

Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure a painless menstrual cup experience?

To ensure a completely comfortable, stress-free menstrual cup experience, make sure you are well prepared and have educated yourself.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s user guide, and watch YouTube videos [link to Asan youtube] on insertion and removal. The better prepared you are, the more comfortable you will be.

How do I ensure menstrual cup safety?

When it comes to menstrual cup comfort and safety the most important thing is to choose a trusted, high-quality period cup brand.

Look for 100% USP Class VI silicone and read through menstrual cup reviews to judge user satisfaction. 

A high quality brand will usually have a unique, body-friendly design, and will not be simply reselling generic cup designs.

Do menstrual cups reduce period cramps?

While there is no scientific evidence to show that menstrual cups reduce period cramps, many Asan cup users do tell us that they experience fewer cramps thanks to the comfort of our menstrual cup.

Perhaps this is because they can’t feel the cup at all (unlike a pad) – so it makes it easier to forget you’re even on your period!

What is the most comfortable menstrual cup for beginners?

For first-time users, the most comfortable option is Asan’s light/medium flow cup. This is because it is softer and smaller, making it easy to insert. 

The unique ring design makes it very easy to take out, which makes it the best menstrual cup for both comfort and convenience.