Best menstrual cup after C-section

Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride - with your hormones acting up and the excitement to welcome your little one. 

It has many physical and emotional challenges, but one amazing thing that you don’t have to worry about is getting your period for 9 months. Yay! 

However, you will soon be reacquainted with your period after childbirth. Having a hassle-free period makes life so much easier, especially with a newborn. And we all know that menstrual cups can be a real saviour. 

But you may be wondering, when can I use a menstrual cup after giving birth? Or, what is the best menstrual cup after a C-section procedure? To answer this, let's first understand what happens during and after child delivery. 

What happens during childbirth? What are the different types of deliveries? 

A person who is undergoing childbirth might either have vaginal delivery or a caesarean section, commonly called c-section delivery. 

In vaginal delivery, the baby is born through the vagina, which is also called the birth canal. It is the most common and preferred mode to deliver a baby as the health risk involved is comparatively low to a C-section.  

And some of us may opt for or must undergo a C-section surgery for delivering the child.

In a C-section, an incision is made on the mother’s abdomen and uterus to remove the baby. 

What happens after childbirth?

After child birth, you go through the post-natal phase or postpartum. 

Postpartum phase is also referred to as, ‘fourth trimester’ which typically begins with childbirth and ends within 6-8 weeks. 

This stage is when the physical changes which happen in the body during pregnancy return to a non-pregnant state. This means the hormone levels and size of the uterus will get back to normal state.

During the postpartum phase you might experience bleeding, referred to as postpartum bleeding. 

What is postpartum bleeding? 

Postpartum bleeding is basically your body expelling everything that was used to grow a child and is no longer needed. 

The blood which comes from the vagina in postpartum bleeding is called Lochia. 

This generally lasts for about 2-3 months and is a completely normal process after pregnancy! 

Postpartum bleeding basically contains:

  • Blood
  • Pieces of the uterine lining
  • Mucus
  • White blood cells

We receive a lot of queries from people who have undergone a c-section. Can you use a menstrual cup after a c-section? 

The simple answer is yes! 

Irrespective of how the child was delivered you can use a menstrual cup for your regular periods comfortably.

This blog will answer everything you need to know about using a menstrual cup after caesarean.

Why is a c-section done?

A C-section is necessary if you have some complications during your pregnancy and a doctor has recommended it to ensure safe delivery of your baby.

However, in many cases, it is not clear that you will have a C-section until you go into labour.

Doctors can recommend a C-section depending on various factors such as:

  • Prolonged labour and or the labour is not progressing
  • The baby is not in the right position or is in distress
  • Some chronic health conditions
  • Umbilical cord prolapses

Can I use a menstrual cup for postpartum bleeding?

Many people have asked us, can a menstrual cup be used after delivery? 

The answer is no, as after delivery you are experiencing postpartum bleeding, not your period. 

It is not recommended to use a menstrual cup during postpartum bleeding - as menstrual cups are only meant to collect your period flow. 

During postpartum bleeding, your body is also healing from the soreness and swelling that you might have experienced during childbirth. It is important to be patient and give your body enough time to come back to its normal.

So it is better to not use any insertable product as you might end up getting infections or other health issues. 

What is the difference between postpartum bleeding and menstruation? 

What we need to remember is that postpartum bleeding is different from menstruation. 

Periods or menstruation happen as a part of our menstrual cycle every month, where the uterus expels out the blood lining and the unfertilised egg from the vagina in a non-pregnant state.

Whereas postpartum bleeding is experienced only after a child is delivered.

To manage your postpartum bleeding, you can use period underwear or reusable cloth pads. 

Can I use a menstrual cup after a c-section delivery? 

Of course, you can use a menstrual cup if you have had a c-section delivery. 

If you’re wondering, when can I use a menstrual cup after a C-section? You can use a menstrual cup once your postpartum bleeding is over and you start getting your periods.  

After your postpartum bleeding subsides, you should consult your doctor if you are ready to use your menstrual cup for periods or not. As you get a go ahead on your full recovery, you are good to use it for your periods. 

Does the size my vagina change after a c-section?

There is a common perception that the size of the vagina tends to loosen with childbirth. 

Even if you have given birth via a C-section, it is possible that you may have attempted to push the baby out through your vagina first - causing your vagina to expand. 

It is important to understand that vagina is like a muscular tube which expands and contracts with the changes your body goes through. 

As soon as you have delivered a child, it will take a few weeks for the vagina to recover and go back to normal. 

After consulting a doctor you can try doing Kegel exercises too. They can be helpful in building your lower pelvic floor muscle strength and flexibility.

Which is the best menstrual cup after c-section delivery?

Having a baby can bring many physical, mental and emotional changes to your body. So it is completely normal to be confused about what is the best menstrual cup after having a baby. 

To manage your periods, you should go for a menstrual cup which uses Class 6 Medical Grade silicone as this is the safest material for your body. 

The Asan cup is made from this material. Therefore, it is completely safe to sit inside your body and will significantly reduce your chances of getting any infections. 

As you get used to your body after pregnancy, the most important thing is comfort. The Asan cup’s unique removal ring makes it the easiest cup to use - so you don’t need to stress about locating your cup and taking it out at all, making it the best menstrual cup after a C-section or vaginal delivery. 

What menstrual cup size do i use after a c-section?

If you are able to use your menstrual cup without any leakage, please stick to the size that you were using before your pregnancy.  

Only consider changing your cup size if it is continuously leaking for you. 

The Asan cup is the best menstrual cup after a c-section delivery as our sizing guide simply depends on your period flow - so it doesn't matter whether you have had a baby or how you have given birth to your child. 

If you can keep a pad on for 6+ hours without experiencing leaks, then you should go for the Light/Medium Flow cup. 

Whereas if you experience leaks within 2-6 hours then the Heavy flow cup will be better for you. 

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