Menstrual cup size chart: Find your size!

The Asan menstrual cup comes in two sizes: light/medium flow and heavy flow.

Many people ask us what the exact difference between the light/medium flow and heavy flow cup is. Below is a simple sizing chart laying out the differences between the two Asan menstrual cups. 

Use the menstrual cup size chart to understand which cup is best suited for your period flow.

How should I decide which size to use? 

The Asan cup size guidelines are designed primarily based on flow.

Simply consider your period flow on the heaviest day of your period. Are you able to keep a pad on for 6+ hours without any leakage? If yes, then the light/medium flow is perfect for you. 

If you need to change your pad every 2-6 hours on the heaviest day of your period, then the heavy flow cup is best for you. The great thing about the heavy flow cup is that you can also use it on light flow days.

What is the best menstrual cup size for beginners and teenagers? 

For beginners who are just starting out with a menstrual cup or teenagers, we recommend starting with the light/medium flow cup. This is because it has a slightly smaller diameter and therefore can create a smaller insertion point.

If needed, you can always switch to the heavy flow cup once you are comfortable with insertion. Read our blog on menstrual cups for beginners for more advice.

Are both sizes easy to use? 

Both sizes of the Asan menstrual cup are easy to use because. As you can see in Asan’s menstrual cup comparison chart above, there is a very small difference of 3mm height and 5mm width in the sizing of the cups. The key difference between the two cups is that the heavy flow cup is slightly firmer - this is important to ensure that a strong seal is created and there are no leaks during heavy flow days.

Does giving birth effect the size of the cup you can use? 

Giving birth does not impact the size of the cup you should use. The vagina is a flexible passage which can expand to let things in and out. Even after giving birth, we advise selecting size based on flow. 

We have users who have never given birth who use our heavy flow cup, as well as mothers who have had multiple births and comfortably use the light/medium flow cup.

Does cervix height matter? 

For most users, your cervix height does not matter. As you can see in the menstrual cup sizing chart, there is only a difference of of 3mm in height between the two cups. Most users can easily fit both sizes into their vaginal canal.

Irrespective of cervix height, the special removal ring makes it super easy to locate and remove the cup regardless of how high your cup sits inside you. If you would like to learn more about cervix height and menstrual cups, read this blog post where we explain it in detail. 

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