Composting Matters - Daily Dump shares why

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There are many forms of waste that can be harmful to our environment if not managed properly – whether this is single-use plastic sanitary pads or tampons, recyclable cardboard packaging or organic waste.

In collaboration with Daily Dump, an organisation working on raising awareness about composting, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about managing your organic waste. 

What is composting?
How to start composting at home?
Will it really make a big difference?
What’s in it for you?

On the face of it, organic waste does not seem to be a pressing issue - given how it is biodegradable and goes back to our soil in the form of nutrients.

However, as our urban society expands and evolves, a variety of complexities arise.

One thing to consider is that everything we interact with in our physical world is either converted into food of some form or poison for our plant.

This simple statement has a multitude of consequences. It means we need to consider not only what we consume, but the by-products and remains of those items.

Organic waste is technically biodegradable but when we send mixed waste out of our homes - they collect in landfills. Imagine drinking a ‘watermelon soap juice’.

That’s what we are doing to our land and water sources in essence.

Our biodegradable waste mixes with toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants to create poisonous substances that mix with our local water bodies or enter the groundwater table. This water is used by us in a variety of ways, including watering our crops and cleaning the very food we eat.

Segregation makes sense at home - and everywhere!

So by throwing out a mango peel with the rest of our waste this summer, we are, in a way, ensuring that the mangoes we look forward to next summer will have more toxicity than juiciness.

so what are some of the benefits of composting?

Imagine if 'waste' never goes to waste...

  1. It is nature’s way of recycling
  2. Essential nutrition for plants to help them grow better
  3. Reduces the need for chemical fertilisers
  4. Improves vitamin and mineral content in growing vegetables and fruits
  5. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces global warming
  6. Makes you feel like a responsible, proactive part of our community - without too much effort, fuss, or resources

Organic waste can be managed with simple, everyday habits. Nature itself has given us priceless lessons on how ‘waste’ is actually a golden resource.

Composting is the decomposition of plant remains and other once-living materials to make an earthy, dark, crumbly substance that enriches soil. It is a process of recycling your kitchen and garden wastes and is a critical step in reducing the volume of garbage needlessly sent to landfills for disposal.

Composting is not a new idea. In the natural world, composting is what happens as leaves pile up on the forest floor and begin to decay.

Eventually, nutrients from the rotting leaves are reclaimed by living roots. This completes nature’s recycling process.

And what’s more? You can easily compost from the comfort of your own space with home compost bins for families of all sizes with the help of Daily Dump’s award-winning range of composters.

how to get started?

Daily Dump offers a range of composters that will help you smoothly set sail on your composting journey. All you need is your daily kitchen waste, the signature Remix Powder to help you compost faster with no smell or fuss, and the composter of course!

Here’s a fun video to help you compost at home with ease:

Daily Dump’s range of food-grade recyclable plastic home composters are easy-to-lift & move while also being a durable material that allows for hassle-free, smell-free composting.

Composting has a world of benefits and we as urban citizens can quite easily manage our organic waste (and thereby all our waste) better - through composting at home that is easier, faster, and smell-free! 

This replication of one of nature’s essential processes helps keep over 60,000kg of organic waste out of landfills everyday. 

A host of easy & effective composting solutions are available for households as well as for communities and organisations.  There are wonderful things you can do with compost, but quite naturally, there are also a lot of myths around this integral form of urban waste management.

Won’t it smell? Will it take too much time? It surely must be expensive!

Bust the common myths around composting right here!

We hope this article helps you ease into the world of composting. Try this fun quiz to choose the right composter for your home.

Happy composting!