Can you swim with a menstrual cup?

So it’s time for your much-awaited annual beach holiday, or it’s mid–summer and your friends are heading to the pool…  and then…  your period arrives. You’re using sanitary pads, and have to skip swimming. Does this sound familiar?

We’re here to give you some good news: You never have to miss a swim ever again because of your period! You can easily swim for hours using the Asan menstrual cup.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about swimming while on periods.

First things first: can you swim on your period?

From a medical perspective, it is perfectly safe to go swimming when you have your period. You just need to find the period product or solution that works best for you.

Which is the best period product for swimming?

To go for a swim, it’s best to wear a period product that’s worn internally – i.e. inside your vaginal canal. 

Both tampons and menstrual cups are worn inside the body, which means they won’t get wet or fall off while swimming.

Some users ask us how to swim during periods with pads – the answer is, because pads are worn externally, they will swell with water and won’t stick to your swimsuit. So it’s not a good idea to go swimming with pads.

Tampon or menstrual cup for swimming: which is better?

Can we swim with tampons? Can we swim with menstrual cups? The answer to both these questions is yes – it’s just a matter of which product you prefer.

Remember that when it comes to tampons and swimming, tampons have a string – so if you want to avoid having a string sticking out, then go for a menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups are also more sustainable compared to tampons as they are reusable, and you can put a menstrual cup in before you even start your period. They are a great option for women who  lead an active lifestyle.

How long can you swim with a menstrual cup? 

You can safely wear a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours before you have to remove and clean it. This means you can swim with a menstrual cup for… 12 hours!

We’re pretty sure most of you don’t swim for this long, so rest assured you can swim on your period with a menstrual cup for as long as you like.

Several Asan cup users swim with a menstrual cup every day of their period – we even have triathletes who use our cup for swimming, running and cycling.

Blossom, a triathlete from Bangalore, swears by the Asan cup for her workouts

Are menstrual cups waterproof?

Our menstrual cup is made from Class VI medical grade silicone – which is a 100% waterproof material. This means you can wear a menstrual cup in water with no issues at all.

A related question that we often get asked is “can you insert a menstrual cup in the shower?”. 

Unlike tampons and pads, menstrual cups are waterproof, so you can easily insert them in the shower! This also has the advantage of making things less messy, as you can easily empty and wash your cup before inserting it.

Is it difficult to remove a menstrual cup after swimming?

Removing a menstrual cup after a swim is no different to removing it at the end of your day. 

Keep in mind that the Asan’s menstrual cup with a ring stem is extremely easy to remove – simply tug on the ring to bring your cup lower, then pinch to remove.

quick-fire questions!

Hopefully, having come to the end of this blog, you’ve understood all there is to know about swimming with a period cup.

Below are some quick, one-line answers to questions we often hear from our users about swimming during periods.

Can we swim while periods are heavy?

This depends on your and your body. If you feel ready for a swim, go for it! The Asan heavy flow cup is a great option for swimming on your period with heavy flow.

Can you swim with a period cup in the sea?

Have you wondered, can you swim with a menstrual cup in the ocean?

Yes you can! 

You can swim with a period cup in any safe water body – pool, lake, river or sea. 

Does a menstrual cup fill with water when swimming?

No, not at all!

If a menstrual cup has been inserted correctly, it will create a seal with your vaginal canal. So it wont be able to fill up with any water while swimming. 

Can you wear a menstrual cup in the bath?

Yes absolutely! You can wear a menstrual cup in a bath tub or shower. 

Can you swim on your period with no protection?

Yes, this is also totally fine. If you’re more comfortable without a product, then you don’t need to wear one at all.

Do menstrual cups work while swimming competitively?

Yes, menstrual cups work great for casual or competitive swimming – and many professional swimmers swear by the Asan menstrual cup!

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