Can you pee with a menstrual cup?

Have you recently discovered menstrual cups, and are trying to understand how they work? One of the first questions you might have is “do I need to remove my menstrual cup to pee?”

The short answer is: no, absolutely not! You can absolutely pee while wearing a menstrual cup. 

That said, some people do find issues with peeing with their menstrual cup in. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, read on.

first things first: where does a menstrual cup sit?

It’s important to understand that females have three different entrances in our pelvic region: the urethra (where you pee from), the vagina (where your period blood comes from), and the anus (where you poop from). A menstrual cup sits inside your vagina. 

The diagram below shows the location of these three holes.

can you pee with a menstrual cup inserted?

Your menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal, while your pee comes from your urethra. This means that you can absolutely leave your menstrual cup in while peeing. 

The diagram below shows where your menstrual cup sits in relation to the urethra, where your pee comes from. You can still pee with a menstrual cup and you do not have to take it out each time you go to the toilet.

can using a menstrual cup make it difficult to pee?

Most people should be able to pee normally with a menstrual cup in. If you have inserted your menstrual cup correctly, then you shouldn't be able to feel its presence at all.

That said, some people do report their menstrual cup affecting pee – for example by making users pee more frequently or blocking pee.

If you face problems peeing with a menstrual cup, chances are the cup has been inserted at the wrong angle and is putting pressure on your bladder. The best thing to do is to remove your cup and reinsert it. When inserting, make sure you angle it towards your tailbone and not upwards.

If you continue to face issues and can’t pee with your menstrual cup in, then try placing it a little higher or a little lower in your vaginal canal. 

Keep experimenting until you find the most comfortable position for your body. The first time you try a cup, you may feel a little pressure on your bladder. This feeling should go away after you use the cup a few more times.

can i poop while using a menstrual cup?

The third entrance in your pelvic region is the anus, and this is where you poop from. Just like you can pee normally with a menstrual cup in, you can also have a normal bowel movement while using a menstrual cup.

After you have a bowel movement, wash your hands and then gently check the position of your cup. It may have moved lower as you have just used your pelvic muscles to push downwards.

If the position has moved, then gently insert a finger and push your cup upwards to its original position.

frequently asked questions

I feel like I have to pee with a menstrual cup in. Why is this?

This is probably because your cup is positioned in such a way that it is putting pressure on your bladder. The best thing to do is to remove and reinsert it.

Who do I have an urge to pee more frequently?

Again, this is most likely because the cup is putting pressure on your bladder, in which case you might want to adjust the position of your cup. But keep in mind that due to a change in hormone levels, it is totally normal to be peeing more during your period – so this may not be related to your menstrual cup!

Should I empty my cup after peeing?

No, there is no need to empty your cup unless it is full. Make sure you empty it and wash it every 12 hours though, for hygiene reasons.

Do you need to remove your cup for pee to release?

No, you can pee while using a menstrual cup and you should not have to remove it for your pee to release. If this is happening to you, then it might be the case that your cup has been inserted at the wrong angle. Please remove it and reinsert it.

I have a sensitive bladder. What menstrual cup should I use?

If you have a sensitive bladder then we suggest the Asan Light/Medium flow cup, as this is made of slightly softer silicone and is less likely to put pressure on your bladder. 

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