Best menstrual cup for dancers - Alicia shares her experience

Alicia, a 20-year-old student, shares her experience using the Asan cup as a dancer and horse rider.

I switched to using the Asan cup 3 months ago and have never looked back!

I started my period when I was 14 years old and I have juggled between period products to find one that suits my body best. I started with sanitary pads which worked until I realised I cannot swim or use them while playing sports - thus I chose to switch to tampons.

With the increasing awareness of climate change, I decided to try reusable pads which are much better for the environment as they do not take up to 800 years to degrade like sanitary pads. 

While reusable pads are eco-friendly, as a keen environmentalist but also a dancer and horse rider, I was in search for the perfect period product that I could comfortably use and would increase my confidence during any physical activity!

my experience using sanitary pads, tampons, and reusable pads

I have tried multiple period products before the Asan Cup and have concluded my views on each!

When I started my period I used sanitary pads as they were easy to use, and I could choose which size was right and know when to change them.

However, during dance practice and horse riding the pad felt unhygienic so I switched to tampons. Tampons made me feel cleaner and I didn’t experience the “nappy feeling”. But I often leaked through tampons and wasn’t sure when I should change them. Another issue I encountered was that I had to carry my menstrual pads or tampons with me in case of no bin available.

Switching to reusable pads didn’t solve this issue either. As someone with heavy periods, it was very unsanitary for me to carry reusables all day long with me.  

Although out of plastic pads, tampons and reusable pads, my overall preference was tampons, they are not environmentally friendly - which finally led me to try menstrual cups. 

switching to a menstrual cup

I had tried the Luna cup two years ago but it didn’t sit well with me. I wasn’t educated about how to insert it correctly so it constantly felt uncomfortable. 

Reluctantly, I switched back to tampons but I knew that eventually I wanted to use a more environmentally friendly period product.

So what changed my mind about trying another menstrual cup? When I came across the Asan cup I was super intrigued by the unique removal ring because I’d never seen that before in a menstrual cup.

After learning about the quality of their product and also their 1-for-1 donations programme, I was sold by the brand so decided to give it a shot. 

using the asan cup

Inserting the cup was super easy, just like a tampon. I folded it to make a C-fold, popped it inside me and off I was with my day. The Asan cup comes with a user manual which I found very helpful as it had diagrams about how to use the cup. 

At first, there were a few leaks and later I realised this was because I wasn’t inserting it low enough. But by my second menstrual cycle, I had no issues in keeping the Asan cup inside for 12 hours – that too on the 2nd day of my period which is my heaviest day.

My pro tip is to not push the menstrual cup too far and keep it nice and low near the entrance of your vagina.

Asan’s unique cup design allows for a very easy and painless removal process. The ring helps tremendously as I just gently pull on it like a tampon string and then pinch the base of the cup to take it out. I can simply pour out the period blood into the toilet or sink and wash the cup without any spillages. 

my thoughts on the asan cup

Zero discomfort and no leaks sounds like a great deal to me!  

I also adore how discreet the process of using the Asan cup is. I can wash the cup at a friend's house and insert it and no one even notices that I’m on my period.

This brings me to the next advantage about the Asan cup – disposal. The stress and inconvenience I had to go through while carrying around my used period products in my pockets or bag wasn’t there any more. With the Asan cup however, I never have to worry about this anymore.  

how does the asan cup help me as a student?

Being able to use the menstrual cup for 12 hours!

As a student, I have a very active lifestyle and am constantly moving around campus all day long. The worry of leakages was completely gone as the Asan cup has my back.

Even better, my period no longer stops me from going clubbing with my friends and I can also sleep soundly without any stress of changing my pad in the middle of the night.

can dancers use menstrual cups? 

Yes definitely!

Many people have asked me, what do dancers wear on their periods? Can you dance with a menstrual cup? And how do ballet dancers deal with periods? 

I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and I love it! It makes me feel good about myself and no matter the genre or type of dance, I always want to try it. My Polish culture is very important to me and hence I have continued to attend Folk and Ballroom classes throughout the years.

I have been fortunate enough to perform across Europe. However, performing on my period used to be a struggle because there was this constant anxiety of changing sanitary pads and tampons.

Dancing with a menstrual cup is great as tight costumes like leotards in ballet prevent girls from wearing pads and tampons due to the underwear lines or the string poking out. By wearing my menstrual cup to dance class, I never have to worry about underwear lines that would be visible due to the bulkiness of a pad during dance practice and performances. 

I feel hygienic even through hot weather, never having to worry about the pads shifting or sticking to me which is crucial when learning dance routines. The Asan cup ensures full comfort and I can perform and train without needing to change my cup all day!

can you use a menstrual cup while horse riding? 

Similarly, during horse riding, pads can be uncomfortable due to the bulky feeling and the pad regularly shifting - resulting in leaks. 

With the Asan cup, the cup does not leak even while horse riding and I’m amazed that I can be at the stable for hours without worrying about my period. I feel so much more confident and no period can stop me now!

additional advantages 

By using the Asan cup I feel like I am doing my part for the world by decreasing my waste and avoiding plastic which often ends up in oceans and landfill.

To anyone that wants to live a more sustainable lifestyle - I would strongly suggest switching to the Asan cup - it is the best menstrual cup for dancers and simply life-changing!

 Finally, it has been saving me money. Yes, the initial cost is an investment, but the Asan cup lasts up to 10 years. This means I don't have to spend approximately £6 a month on period products, saving me £72 a year and £720 over 10 years!

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